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During some time i've needed a full file manager, howhever i found only little examples not completed systems. So i decid to develop my own file manager software. This is the first idea that i have.

The features for this version are:
  • Single File Upload.
  • Multiple File Upload.
  • Copy files and folders.
  • Cut files and folders.
  • Paste File and folders.
  • File Donwload.
  • Recursive folder delete.
  • Folder attributes showed in gridview.
  • Icon set for each file extension.
  • Folder creation.
  • Zip folders (there is not completed, we have to enable download and recursive compress)
  • Theme Set (i u want, need to do it programatically)
  • Current Path label.
  • Total spaced used.
  • Total files.
  • U can use the folder to store documents out of the root project.

There are other functions like (password recovery, user creation wizard that are not working yet.)

All help are welcome.

This is the new version of crabit file manager. This version haves many changes: bug fixes and new options.
For this version i worked basically in admin options, so u now have great options to manage crabit file manager.

The changes for this version are:

* Acces Rules Page
* Active User Page
* Admin Change Password (Works for admin and all users) Page
* Create New Wizar (To create new users) Page
* Create Roles Page
* Delete Users Page
* Edit Users Page
* Find Inactive Profiles Page
* Locked Users Page
* My Profile (For admin and all user) Page
* Online Users Page
* Unlock Users Page
* Users by Role Page
* View Profiles Page
* Multiple Upload (For admin and all users) Page
* Notes Page
* Upload (for admin and all users) Page

There are new Classes (not working yet, is for the future)

* Gzip
* GzippedFile
* GzipResult
* Login Redirect By RoleSection
* Size Conversion

Some function like upload and multiple upload was converted to user controls (.ascx)

Added some application Style Sheet Themes

Other Function added on this version but not working yet:

* All pages inside User Actions Folder
* HtmlEditor user control
* Added new gridview themes (just for style)

Added new function on web.config (to manage security, users redirect, timeouts, upload,etc)

FOR THIS VERSION THE MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE IS THE USE OF DATABASE. So u need to create membership database with the aspnet_regsql.exe tool.
U can found thi on:
Next, open crabit with visual studio, go to web site menu, select configuration and add a new user.

Login to crabit.
Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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